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Whether you're striving to maintain a healthy weight, accelerate your weight loss progress, or shed those extra pounds more swiftly, FatBlaster has a tailored solution for you. 

By committing to a FatBlaster weight loss program today, you're embracing a new lifestyle that prioritises your health and fitness goals. So, why wait?

Personalised Exercise ProgramsPersonalised Exercise Programs

Personalised Exercise Programs

Guided Meal Plans & RecipesGuided Meal Plans & Recipes

Guided Meal Plans
& Recipes

Be a part of our FatBlaster CommunityBe a part of our FatBlaster Community

Be a part of our FatBlaster Community




Ready to rapidly lose weight? Pick the Rapid program and replace 2 meals a day with your favourite FatBlaster weight loss shake.




Wanting to ramp up your weight loss? Pick the Steady program and replace 1 meal a day with a FatBlaster meal replacement shake.  




Looking to maintain your weight loss? Pick the Maintenance program and replace up to 1 meal a day with your favourite FatBlaster shake.

How FatBlaster Works

Pick your favourite FatBlaster shakePick your favourite FatBlaster shake

1. Pick your favourite
FatBlaster shake

Replace one meal with one shakeReplace one meal with one shake

2. Replace one meal
with one shake

Join and follow our exercise and meal plansJoin and follow our exercise and meal plans

3. Join and follow our
exercise and meal plans

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Our Programs Include

Weight Loss Exercise Plans

Regular, consistent exercise not only burns calories but also helps boost metabolism, making it easier to create a calorie deficit necessary for weight loss. Exercise builds and preserves lean muscle mass, which is essential for overall health and contributes to a higher metabolic rate.

Guided Meal Plans

A well-structured weight loss diet plan ensures that you consume the right balance of nutrients, controls portion sizes, and guides you in making healthier food choices. It eliminates guesswork and the temptation of unhealthy options, making it simpler to achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss.

FatBlaster Transformations

Get inspired in your own journey by viewing weight loss transformations from our FatBlaster community.

James QLD

Age: 37 Lost: 50kg over 2 years

“Feeling happier, healthier and more confident with making healthier food choices.”

Mark Lillington QLD

Age: 63 Lost: 10kg over 4 months

With reduced back & leg pain when he walks, Mark lost 10kg with FatBlaster and even went down a shirt size!

Genevieve Seager NSW

Age: 46 Lost: 3kg over 3 months

“I’m feeling better and I’m still going but I feel confident that I can lose the weight now”

Ray Matheson NSW

Age: 59 Lost: 15kg over 2 years

“It is a wholesome meal that helps you take the hunger away, my wife and I both utilise the shakes”

Weight Loss Programs - FAQ

  • What is a weight loss program?

    A weight loss program is a structured plan designed to help followers achieve their weight loss goals through a combination of dietary guidelines, exercise routines, and lifestyle changes.
  • Do I need exercise as part of a weight loss program?

    While diet plays an essential role in weight loss, exercise is generally also recommended for overall health and to support weight loss. The type and intensity of exercise can be tailored to suit individual preferences and fitness levels. 
  • Do FatBlaster Weight Loss Programs work?

    FatBlaster Weight Loss Programs contain personalised exercise programs combined with guided meal plans and recipes. Success when following any weight loss program requires commitment and adherence to a program’s meal plan and exercise routine. 
  • What’s the difference between FatBlaster Steady and Rapid?

    Replace one meal per day with a FatBlaster Meal Replacement Shake while following the Steady program. Replace two meals per day with your favourite FatBlaster Meal Replacement Shake while following the Rapid program.