FatBlaster Keto-Fit Coffee 85g

Made exclusively with the finest coffee beans along with coconut MCTs, Keto-Fit Coffee is a convenient and delicious drink that will fuel your workout and help achieve your Keto goals.

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Keto-Fit Coffee is a perfect solution for those looking for an easier and better tasting alternative to a bulletproof coffee.

Sir 5g (1 teaspoon) with 250ml of hot water. Consume in the morning to kick start your day, pre-workout or whenever you need a coffee hit.

Coffee Robusta Powder (60%), Inulin (24.4%), MCT Powder (13%), L-Carnitine (2%), Vanilla flavour, Sweetener (Thaumatin). No Sugar has been added to this product. The ingredients contain naturally occurring sugars

Contains: sulphites, caffeine and dairy.

 How to use FatBlaster

Start your dayStart your day

Start your day

Kick start your day with Keto-Fit Coffee as the perfect way keep you feeling full and avoiding sugar cravings.



Just stir a teaspoon with 250ml of hot water for the perfect pre-workout boost, with that comforting coffee flavour.

Coffee HitCoffee Hit

Coffee Hit

Not just a regular cup of coffee! Curb your sweet cravings, get that energy boost and stay fuller for longer.