50kg over 2 years

“Feeling happier, healthier and more confident with making healthier food choices.”

James Before FatBlaster
James After FatBlaster
Please let us know within 25 words why you like the FatBlaster Meal Replacement Shakes?

I find them energizing, cost-effective and the results have spoken for themselves.

How do you feel now after successfully losing weight with FatBlaster Shakes?

Feeling happier, healthier and more confident with making healthier food choices. Feeling more confident in my appearance and health through living a more active lifestyle.

We would love to know your meal replacement routine! Please share with us:

I now use FatBlaster to help maintain the weight loss, I make oats for breakfast followed by a coffee, and a FatBlaster Meal Replacement Shake before the gym. While I’m at the gym, I will have the diluted Rasberry Ketone Shots. I now prepare salad for lunch, a FatBlaster Meal Replacement Shake before dinner of a prepared stir fry with lots of vegetables.

Would you please share your exercise regime with us?

I go to the gym most days following a fitness program, and at work there is a lot of upper and lower body work.

Do you have any tips on how to stay motivated?

1. Don’t give up, it’s hard but worth it in the end

2. Mindful of what you do

3. Don’t assume it will be bad, it will probably turn out good

4. Don’t constantly calorie count - it will make you feel bad

5. Look for friends who will motivate you to lose weight

6. Don’t listen to the negativity

What was the trigger to start using FatBlaster?

Not happy with being constantly made fun of for my weight and was concerned for the health implications of being overweight.