71kg over 2 years

"I cried in the shop when the lady said 'oh no, you wouldn't be a size 20, you're a 16!'"

Nicole Before FatBlaster
Nicole After FatBlaster

What is the one feeling you enjoy the most about successfully losing weight?

Looking in the mirror and seeing a different image than what I’d always seen, people’s comments to say, “aw gee, you look wonderful”, “Is that you?”, “I’m surprised that’s you." Mainly a lot of friends and family, maybe sort of a thing in their minds that they never ever thought I could do it, and I’ve come through.

Would you please share your weight loss journey with us? For example, what was the trigger for you to start losing weight?

My father always had a weight problem, and I’m a lot like him so I decided that I had to make a change with two teenage daughters that were very active and still are very active, and also I jumped off a balcony only a couple feet high and ruptured both Achilles tendons. He (the doctor) said the only way I was going to do something about it was to lose weight, so that’s what I decided to do. Had a bit of a sore back, and I thought “I’m too young to go down this road so I’m gonna make the change” and I did!

What did you do after you lost weight?

After I lost a lot of weight I went into the shop and I grabbed some pants and I was so happy I cried in the shop when the lady said "oh no you wouldn’t be a 20 you’re a 16." I think I grabbed her at that time and gave her a hug. I said, "I wasn’t a 16 since I was about 19! But I’ll have them and I’ll try them on and you can take the 20 back with ya." But yeah, I was really happy.

And your daughters are very supportive of your journey?

Oh, very supportive of my journey, and my Facebook I made of my journey, they’re on there and they talk all the time. Today they’ve been texting me and sent me a photo and said “you’re so beautiful,” and yeah, it makes me emotional.

Would you like to talk more about your daughters?

Yes! It’s been a positive journey for myself especially with my daughters. One will be 17 this week, one will be 16 at the end of the year. I like to be involved in everything they do, and I always like to play a part, and I don’t think that I would be able to play a huge part in their life with the huge weight problem that I did have at that time.

Would you mind sharing how many kilos you have lost over what period of time?

I lost 71.6 kg in a year and 11 months!

What is the hardest part of your weight loss journey?

The hardest thing is finding the determination and the perseverance to go through with it, especially when you’re surrounded by people who are a lot smaller or a lot slimmer than you are. They never seem to put on weight, but I seem to look at a cake and put on a couple kilos.

Where did you find this determination to keep going?

I did a bit of meditation over time, and changing the way that I thought, a couple of people said to me at my age it would be a lot harder to lose weight but don’t tell me that I can’t, because I’m very determined to do it.

Please let us know why you like FatBlaster Weight Loss Shakes.

I’ve tried a lot of products over time, I like FatBlaster because I make it with skim milk. I’ve tried other products that have been made with water and I have that gritty feeling in my mouth later, and I found that it wasn’t satisfying enough. By mid-morning I was quite hungry again. Now, with FatBlaster I’m set for breakfast and mid-morning!

How would you encourage someone to approach weight loss with FatBlaster Weight Loss Shakes?

I think showing how I’ve done it helps. A lot of people have told me I’m an inspiring person that can move forward and do that sort of thing. And I said if I can, you can.

What would be your tagline for a FatBlaster TV commercial?

You gotta leave a little behind to have a little behind, do this with FatBlaster! And I’ve got that little behind, I left it all behind.

There’s been a lot of positive change in your life since you started FatBlaster Weight Loss Shakes. Would you mind sharing this with us?

It did change my life. My daughters wanted to do kickboxing and when I was 13 I gained my blackbelt. When I tell people about that they’d be – “You’re too fat to have a blackbelt!” At that particular time I was too fat to even lift my legs so the blackbelt went out the window. So doing a bit of kickboxing with my daughters – it helped to bond, and it helped the weight loss journey also.

Would you please share your exercise regime with us?

At the start I didn’t have an exercise regime because I was too fat to do anything you know, I couldn’t hardly get up a staircase. I thought once I lose 10 kilos then I’d start. So instead of walking the dog around the block, well I might do it twice. And I thought that every day if I picked up a bit more whether its 10 minutes, 20 minutes, at least that’s something. And I’d go from there. I bought myself a FitBit. So, I was excited to see how much I’d walk, my heart rate, and everything. And I think that’s a positive thing too.